Classic European Pilsners originated from Pilsen, Czechoslovakia in 1842. Pilsners grew to become a very popular style across Central Europe. Pilsners are typically very light straw or golden in color and well hopped, (20-30 International Bitterness Units). Noble-type hop aroma and flavor are moderate and quite obvious. They are well attenuated, medium-bodied beers, but a malty residual sweetness can be perceived in aroma and flavor. The head should be dense and rich.

Trumer Pils is an excellent example of a traditional European Craft Pilsner of the highest quality. It has been brewed by Trumer Brauerei in Salzburg, Austria, a 400-year old brewery located in the scenic alpine country. Trumer Pils is the world's first International Craft Pilsner, as it is now brewed in two dedicated sister breweries on two sides of the globe; the original brewery in Austria, and at the second, newest Trumer Brauerei in Berkeley, California.

The Trumer Brauerei Berkeley is dedicated to brewing excellence and it has been engineered and built by a team consisting of Austrian, German and American Brewing specialists under the partnership and close supervision of Trumer Brauerei Salzburg. The team's sole purpose was to create a modern counterpart to the original brewery in Austria. In doing so, the Trumer Brauerei Berkeley can now give beer lovers in America the fresh true taste of a classic European Pilsner.

  • Appearance
  • Aroma
  • Flavor
  • Body
  • Finish
Trumer Pils has a light golden appearance. A tight, creamy head boasts vigorous carbonation; evident because of the small, tight bubbles coming from the bottom of the glass. This sprightly appearance remains throughout the drinking experience and does not become flat after pouring. As with champagne, a Pilsner's quality level is directly related to the tightness of its bubbles. The fine lacing left on the inside of the glass is also testament to the fine nature of this Pilsner.
Trumer Pils delivers a delicate spicy nose, accented with a touch of citrus, which provides the drinker with a lasting aroma throughout the tasting. The aroma has a freshness that delights the senses and is achieved through the exclusive use of upper-Austrian hops.
One of the taste factors that sets Trumer Pils apart from all other Pilsners is the balanced smoothness on the tongue. No one flavor is exaggerated, which is key to keeping the proportions of each flavor balanced. This is achieved by procuring the right blend of malt and hops from Germany and Austria and fermenting the brew with the proprietary Trumer Brauerei yeast.
Trumer Pils is thoroughly refreshing due to its sparkling mouth feel. The soft, pure water sourced from the Sierra Nevada Mountains, imported German malt, and the secondary fermentation produces the natural carbonation giving the beer drinker a satisfying experience.
Trumer Pils finish is its true signature. It is crisp, clean and well rounded while leaving a very soft bitter finish on the back of the palate. Although traditionally hopped, Trumer Pils has a delicate hop bite that won't linger or leave an astringent aftertaste like many European pilsners. This is achieved through an additional step taken by the Trumer Brauerei that removes the malt husk prior to brewing.

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